MidLife Crisis Band
MidLife Crisis Band

Celebrating Over 22 Years of Playing ...

The Connecticut Shoreline's Best Classic Rock



We are thrilled to be rockin' out at the 

Branford 375th Year in Review Celebration

Thursday 1/16 at Woodwinds 5:30 PM

(see Where We're Playing for more)

Next Gig:  Saturday, April 25th at June's Outback 8:00 PM











The MidLife Crisis Band

One of Connecticut's premier "Classic Rock" bands, MidLife Crisis has been rockin' the Connecticut shoreline towns since 1998. Performing an eclectic mix of old and new classics, the band appeals to a wide range of audiences and has entertained at clubs, festivals, weddings, neighborhood parties, special events and fund-raisers throughout the greater New Haven area and across Connecticut.

If you are looking reasonably priced live entertainment for your special event and would like to receive a promotional package including a Demo CD, please email us at info@midlifecrisis-band.com. Or you can listen to "snippets" of the songs on our Demo CD from this link  to the "Our" Music section of this website.

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MidLife Crisis Band, 2020