MidLife Crisis Band
MidLife Crisis Band
Our musical backgrounds before we came together to form the band in 1998 ...

Bruce George (Vocals, percussion, guitar)

Bruce started singing in grade school and was in a folk rock band in junior high. His love of all types of music took him to opera which he studied for a little more than a year to learn proper vocal technique.

He will tell you that he has the best job in the band as the front man and that he loves to get out with the crowd. Bruce likes to help get the audience involved with the music -- sometimes by passing out a tambourine or “blow-up” guitar, other times sharing the mike, or (his favorite) just asking one of the women to dance – especially on the swing tunes.

At this point, Bruce is the only grandfather in the band and he and his wife Leslie have four grandchildren. One of his two sons, Chris Velardi is a former news anchor for WTNH News 8 in New Haven, CT. His other son, Aaron, used to be a member of a Funk band at Ithaca and is now a high school band director .

Bob Grande (Guitar, vocals)

Bob sings, plays rhythm guitar, 2nd lead guitar, and percussion. He grew up and attended schools in Waterbury, CT but spent many days down in "The Valley" with relatives and often hung out at Banko's House of Music in Ansonia where -- thanks largely to the charity of his generous older brother Al -- he obtained much of his now vintage equipment. As a “middle baby-boomer”, Bob’s musical leanings were greatly influenced by the music of the late 60’s and early 70's -- The Beatles and Stones (who wasn't?) and admittedly "The Monkees", Hendrix, Clapton, Santana, Townshend, Ritchie Blackmore, Terry Kath and especially the Joe Walsh driven funk of "The James Gang". In that pre "You Tube" era, many hours were spent in the basement "dropping the needle" in endless attempts to figure out what the heck those guys were playing.

Bob’s other claim to fame in and around the Town of Branford is “that guy you see running all over town in all sorts of weather who has this really funny gait”. 

Bill Grimm (Drums, percussion, vocals)

Born and raised in New Jersey, Bill is slightly torqued-off that his band mates don’t share his enthusiasm for The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Bill joined Midlife Crisis in 1999, after a few years with the band Wally. He began playing the drums in fifth grade and became hooked on percussion when his middle school band teacher loaned him a set of tympani to take home for the summer. His first drum set -- a used, blue 4-piece Slingerland -- was purchased in the eighth grade. Bill retired that set (to his nephew) when he bought his current 5-piece Pearl drum set.

Since fame and fortune as a rock and roll drummer has proven elusive, Bill moonlights in the education field.

Married with three daughters, he enjoys the “music” generated in his house by remembering the noise he made growing up in the swamps of Jersey. Thanks to them for letting him pursue his Midlife Crisis! Bill can also be found paddling the waters around Branford, CT in his kayak.

Peter Nemarich (Guitar, vocals)

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Long Island, Peter has been playing the guitar since he received a plastic Emenee® Hootenanny guitar for Christmas when he was six years old. After abandoning group lessons, Peter studied guitar under Phil Cadway - a professional tuba player who had been on staff with many fine symphony orchestras (including the ABC Symphony and National Symphony Orchestra) who for health reasons switch to teaching guitar. The master musician and talented teacher shared his broad knowledge with Peter, instilling within him a love for music in all its diversity. Peter went on to play both acoustic and electric bass throughout high school, in both the orchestra and jazz band.

It wasn’t until the summer before college that Peter discovered the electric guitar. Forming a cover band call Cryptic Seas with four friends, he spent one glorius summer rehearsing Zeppelin and Aerosmith tunes -- all for a single gig after which the band split up.

Peter’s four years at college were largely spent with a guitar in hand. In 1977, his father bought him the 1960 Les Paul Special that he still plays today. (Eighteen years later, Peter would have the honor of interviewing Les Paul and other guitar luminaries as part of his job as a celebrity chat producer for the Prodigy online service.) After graduation, he joined a band that covered The Who, The Doors, King Crimson, and Genesis among others. The band, Doctor Diamond, lasted only a year, but it was Peter’s first experience playing in Long Island clubs and using professional equipment.

Peter lives in Branford, Connecticut with his lovely and supportive wife Monique (a teacher aide and pre-/post-natal fitness instructor), their wonderful son Eric (a talented drummer, singer, writer, and artist), dog Cooper, cat Ellie, and a bearded dragon lizard named Stanley.

John Otto (Bass, vocals)

John grew up in Wallingford where his father -- the director of the Wallingford school system music department -- taught him the clarinet. When John was 15 and no longer found the clarinet fun, his dad bought him a Fender electric guitar which inspired him to spend countless hours with bruised and bleeding fingers learning how to play.

John started playing rock in the mid-1960s influenced by the Beatles, Stones and the Byrds. He joined “The Little Boy Blues” based in Wallingford and played in many local clubs and events throughout high school and college. I n the early 70's, John dropped out of the music scene to pursue his career in computer system sales and sales management. John married his high school sweetheart in 1974 and they reside happily in Guilford where they have lived for about 32 years and raised their two sons.

John enjoyed playing his acoustic guitar and occasionally entertaining at parties. He switched to bass after being invited by a friend to join the jazz quartet. "Albrato". Following his jazz experience, John joined a local rock band where he greatly enjoyed re-learning all of the great rock classics. John joined MidLife Crisis in May 2011.

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